Blue Paint Ball Marshmallows

Flying Saucers

Standard Marshmallows

Swizzels Sweet Shop Favourites Selection

(Love hearts, Fruity pops, drumstick lollies, parma violets, Refresher bars)

Vanilla Fudge

Strawberry Bonbons

Banana Foams 

Coconut Mushrooms

Liquorice Allsorts

Mint Imperials

Chocolate Beans (Smarties)

Sour Fizzy Jelly Mix

Cola Bottles

Fruity Frogs

Jelly Teddy bears

Rhubarb & Custards 

Dolly Mixtures

Midget Gems


Chocolate Jazzies

Jelly Babies

Strawberry Laces

Jelly Snakes

Tuti Fruti Mega Lollies

Candy Necklaces

Giant Rainbow Pops

The DIY Candy Cart Package 

Cart comes completely empty for you to decorate as you want.

Only £85

The Fill It Yourself Candy Cart Package

Cart Comes professionally decorated to match your party theme with all the Serving Jars and Scoops/Tongs. Ready for you to stock with your own Sweets & bags.

Only £95

The Fully Loaded Candy Cart Package

12 x Different Selections of Sweets (10 Chosen by you from our menu, and 2 chosen by us) Cart comes professionally decorated to match your party theme, complete with serving jars/bowls, scoops/tongs, candy bags and Fully stocked with sweets of your choice from our menu. (we don't charge per head, however there is a sufficient amount of sweets to cater for up to 150 in this Deal)

Only  £125

* Delivery Charge does apply but set up & re-collection is included.

Please see our Terms & Conditions under the 'About Us' Tab for full information on allergies/breakages etc.

How To Choose Your Sweets

Select up to 10 different sweet types.

2 from the Pink Section of the menu

8 from the Orange section of the menu

Remember! We also give you 2 Bonus Jars of Sweets! 

Don't see your favourites on the menu? We can supply pretty much anything-just let us know. 

Do you require a bespoke package? Let us know your requirements and we can put something special together for you.